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TAG. YOU'RE IT! The rules are to state 7 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your favorite 10 blogs and tell them they're it. :)

1. when my nieces n nephews were little they called me auntie honey bc they couldn’t pronounce holly it was so cute ;~; now they don’t even call me auntie anymore just holly I miss it tbh ;~;


3. I got 2 the state spelling bee in middle school & got out bc I couldn’t spell phyllo dough even after they told me it was from greek smh ‘fillow’ I had no fucking idea so I threw out a wild & very wrong guess

4. I kno some ppl h8 them a lot but I rly love textbooks that try 2 b funny tbh!!!! yes try 2 b my pal. engage me. work 4 my affection

5. when I was born I had a full head of jet black hair which was bright red by the time I was 2 which was white-blonde by the time I was 4 & it’s been steadily darkening ever since, It’s Been A Rollercoaster obvi

6. when I was a little kid my imaginary friend was named Serendipity & I’m p sure I decided that was a good name bc of those serendipity books

7. I looooove the water like ocean etc but my absolute worst fear in the entire world is being in water alone (tbh I was afraid 2 swim in pools alone up until like tenth grade omg…..) I am like deathly terrified esp if it’s deep and/or at all murky; if I ever go like tubing off the back of a boat I a) refuse 2 go alone and b) make every1 else who is back there with me swear a very serious oath that if I fall in they will 2 bc I kno from past bad experience that otherwise it will not b good omg


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